Black Mud - Peel Off Face Mask

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Black Mud, Purifying Face Mask

Great Face Mask for blackheads, Large open pores Oily & Rough skin. Can be used on Face, Forehead and Nose.

Black Mud - Peel Off Face Mask

Easy and simple to use:

  1. Apply a Hot towel to the area where the mask is to be applied for 5-10 minutes in order to open the pores.
  2. Apply a generous amount of Black Mud to the area for purifying, making sure to avoid eyes, eyebrows and Lips.
  3. Leave on for 20-30 Minutes or until dry.
  4. Slowly Peel off the mask starting from Top to Bottom.
  5. Wash and clean the area with clean water.
  6. Enjoy Great Looking skin.

Black Mud - Peel Off Face Mask

A Great Addition to your Weekly Beauty Regime

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